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The Central Alabama Business Break report is about the legal practice of Barfoot & Schoettker, L.L.C. that are popular personal injury lawyers. The first part of the interview is presenting the two lawyers, followed by asking about their specialization in the world of legal practice. The two lawyers gamely answered the questions with all the proper explanation for those who are not familiar with the said field of legal process. Aside from that, concrete examples were given to expound each topic during the interview. Lastly, the possibility of a specific client to go through a type of personal injury that fits his or her case is clear. No wonder they know how to face any of the type of personal injury case to help other people.


The Alibamu tribe of Native Americans occupied that Alabama River before the European colonization. Based on historical record, the Alibamu and the Coushatta, who lived on the west side of the river, were descended from the Mississippian culture. This civilization had much chiefdom all over the Midwest and South along the Mississippi and its tributaries. They had also built massive earthwork mounds as part of their society about 950–1250 AD. The largest location was at Cahokia, in modern Illinois east of St. Louis. Aside from that, the historic tribes spoke mutually intelligible Muskogean languages that were closely related. As mentioned, many European encounters shaped the present-day Montgomery, AL.

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In Montgomery, AL, there are many people who need legal assistance when it comes to injury caused by the inability of other people to be careful. With the help of a dependable lawyer, the injured party can process legal claims due to the damage done by other people. In the case of Barfoot & Schoettker Law firm, the team offers legal support and protection in accordance with the law to people who have been affected with the negligence of others. In that sense, it is necessary to rely on their expertise so solve the issue in the courts of justice. After all, it is their job to help anyone in need of legal assistance.

Shooting that injured Montgomery store employee was accident, business says

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - An employee injured in a shooting in an east Montgomery jewelry store has been released from the hospital, the business said. Bryson’s Fine Jewelry confirmed two of the store’s employees were involved in an incident Thursday afternoon that left one of the employees injured. The business posted details about the incident on its Facebook page, explaining the employees were looking at a gun and weren’t aware there was a bullet in the chamber. The gun went off and the bullet “ricocheted off of the concrete into the chest of one employee.” The bullet went out of the employee’s arm, according to the store. Read more here
Shooting that injured Montgomery store employee was accident, business says |A few days ago, there was news involving a store employee that was injured in Montgomery, AL. The shooting incident happened in a jewelry store. At present, the victim was already released from the hospital. The name of the store is Bryson’s Fine Jewelry. It was confirmed that two employees were involved with the incident. Basically, one of the employees checked a gun and he is not aware that it has a bullet in the chamber. According to the Facebook post of the store representative that the gun went off and the bullet “ricocheted off of the concrete into the chest of one employee.” So it was pointed out as an accident.

Montgomery Zoo & Mann Wildlife Learning Museum in Montgomery, AL

Montgomery Zoo & Mann Wildlife Learning Museum in Montgomery, AL is one of the famous tourist destinations in Montgomery, AL. At present time, many travellers and backpackers drop by the place first before visiting other areas. The popular tourist destination is located at 2301 Coliseum Pkwy. Montgomery, AL 36110. Basically, it is a 40 acre Zoological facility found just 10 minutes from historic downtown Montgomery. The well-known features include Zoofari Skylift, Giraffe Encounter, Petting Zoo, Pedal Boats, and Parakeet Cove. For more information, you can check their website and be familiar with its hours of operation, rates and special events.

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Driving Direction
14 min (6.0 miles)
via Woodley Rd
Best route
Trenholm State Community College Patterson Campus
3920 Troy Hwy, Montgomery, AL 36116

Take Technology Ct and U.S. 43 Service Rd/U.S. 80 Service Rd/U.S. 82 Service Rd to E South Blvd
2 min (0.4 mi)

Continue on E South Blvd. Take Woodley Rd to High St
12 min (5.3 mi)

Continue on High St. Drive to S Hull St
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